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Boro Batch - Dark Cobalt Supreme

Boro Batch - Dark Cobalt Supreme

  • $ 6420

All hail the Dark Cobalt Supreme! DCS is at the very edge of the saturation threshold where it goes from distinctly cobalt to pure darkness.

Boro Batch knows that you need all different kinds of saturations of blue to round out your palette so they’ve brought you the workability of Dave’s Blues but with a much deeper saturation. Dark Cobalt Supreme has the same working properties of Dave’s Blues but just needs a bit more heat to get it moving.

When you want the best, where do you reach? To the top shelf! We feel this is our best glass. What more can we say? Top shelf is recommended for the professional artist looking for top quality product.

Comparable to other’s odds, middle shelf glass is misshapen or out of round, but the glass is still in near perfect composition and free from large stones or inclusions. We recommend this glass for artists on a budget who still want good quality color but are willing to work with small variances in shape and size.

Comparable to other’s seconds, bottom shelf glass includes glass that is still very usable, but may have excess air or small stones in it. We recommend this glass for beginning glass workers to use as practice, or for the production worker looking to drop their costs.

Sold by the pound. Go ahead and select your quality level below.

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