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Boro Batch Sample Pack - Full Length

Boro Batch Sample Pack - Full Length

  • $ 21300

This is a sample pack of the Boro Batch Large Batch line, which includes full length rods of the most popular colors. This sample pack includes 1 rod each of the following:

Mead (Striking)
Wild Honey (Striking)
Dave’s Blues (Transparent Cobalt)
Oscar (Transparent Green)
Tangelo (Transparent Orange)
Watermelon (UV Reactive)
Flip Flop (CFL Reactive)
Hurricane Strike (Striking)
Light Muddy Waters (Light Transparent Brown)
Muddy Waters (Transparent Brown)
Dark Muddy Waters (Dark Transparent Brown)
Space Grass (UV under 365nm light)
Lemon Party (Semi Transparent Yellow)
Sour Puss (Opaque Yellow)
Tangerine Dream (Opaque Yellow Orange)
Flip Frog (CFL Reactive)
Green Pearl (Opaque Green)
Dahlia (Transparent Pink)
Blue Moonshine (Semi-Opaque Blue)
Crush (CFL Reactive Orange)
Purple Drank (CFL Reactive)
Blue Honey (Striking Semi Transparent Blue)
Divided Sky (Semi Transparent Blue-Purple)
Sandstorm (Striking Biege)
Dark Cobalt Supreme (Super Saturated Cobalt)
Pink Tonium (UV Reactive White)
Green Space Dust (Super Saturated Green with Sparkles)
Purple Cream (CFL)
Pineberry (CFL)
Beeswax (Striking Yellow)

Sunset (Striking Orange-Red-Purple)
Swamp Strike (Striking Green)
Cold Water (Transparent Blue)
Grape Ape (Transparent Purple)
Purple Sunshine (Striking Purple)
Brown Honey (Striking Opaque Brown)
King Crimson (Striking Red)
Limeade (Transparent Neon Green)
Pink Lemonade (Semi-Opaque Pink)
Light Blue Honey (Transparent, Striking, Light Blue)
Space Cadet (Sparkly Semi Opaque Dark Blue)

Fume (Striking Transparent Yellow)

Chili Pepper (Striking Transparent Red)

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